Skating Club:
Excellent. We worked on so many things that I could be doing better, mostly mohawks and alternating forward inside 3-turns. Supposedly those are easier than alternating forward outside 3s, but since my inside 3s aren’t great, being able to take the step to the next three 3 and still have the balance to turn is … not guaranteed.

After class I played around with some other stuff, working on back outside 3s and a T-stop. My basic skating class at school was so disorganized that I only ever really learned to stop by doing a snowplow, and my snowplow is very very bad. You’re supposed to point your toes together, and my feet don’t go that way. I am the opposite of pigeon-toed. I am going to work on spread eagles and Ina Bauers, because I have the turn-out for them.

Couldn’t spin to save my life last night, so it’s a good thing I didn’t have to.

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