Weekly Summaries Feb 5


• Tobias Buckell tells how he got his freelance career started.

• Dvorak update: I know all my letters and lots of punctuation. Friday afternoon I made the switch entirely. I type verrrry slowly now; it’s annoying, but I had to switch bc my fingers were getting confused. And it’d be good to stop hitting ctrl-q when I mean ctrl-x. At least OpenOffice asks me to confirm that I want to quit.

Goals for the week:

Revise a lot.
Try to get Chs 1-3 ready for critique.
Do two critiques.

Writing Summary:
I’ve been revising. Not much interesting to say. Chapters 1-3 are up for review on the OWW. I’ve also handled random sticky notes throughout the book.

This week:
Revise more: through ch 10 (except for dealing with the scene that might need cut). That’ll give me a week to do the next 10 chapters and a few days for other stuff (like crits)

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