• France has put its UFO files online
  • What makes a writer a professional? – As in, do $4 keyword articles count, why do people write them, and shouldn’t companies want better quality articles and be willing to pay more?

    Links to an interview with a guy (in the US) who writes the $4 articles.

    The timing of this amused me. I recently signed up for a free account on the freelance bidding site (I’m preparing to look for documentation assignments) and got a notification about a project to write 1000 articles for a grand total of $1000 to $2500. I don’t know if they got any bids; they certainly didn’t get mine.

  • Missing Middle – An article in the Columbia Journalism Review wonders: Since all of the nation’s news networks and most of its top newspapers and magazines are based on the East Coast, “there’s no nationally distributed heartland perspective,” [said a journalism professor in Northwest Ohio]. If a network were based in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or St. Louis, she asks, “what would its coverage look like?”

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