Lettuce and Links

My lettuce has sprouted; a few seeds of something else have also started coming up. Or maybe two something elses. (No, I didn’t label my herb container. They’ll become identifiable eventually.)


  • Sci-fi writers join war on terrorThe Homeland Security Department is calling on the group to help with the government’s latest top mission of combating terrorism. Weird.
  • Selling Out? Says Who?
    Selling out? Please. Find something else to hate your fellow artists for. Or, if you truly want to get over it, be as happy for your fellow artists’ success as you are for your own. Every time an artist hits it big, it kicks the starving-artist syndrome square in the nuts. If we were happy about that instead of jealous, we might stand a chance at changing the way our culture looks at art. Eventually. I hate the glorification-of-starving-artist thing.

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