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I’ve been on a local-author kick lately.

First up was Robyn Bachar’s Blood, Smoke, and Mirrors, which I posted the lovely cover of a while back. Fun read, with, as it says on the web page, “gratuitous violence against vampires”. Since I hate vampires, this was most excellent. Also, fairies that managed to not be annoying in either the cutesy or the too-serious mysterious way. Hooray!

Then, Chandra Ryan’s Ink in the Blood, which is not the sort of thing I usually read. But I sped through and enjoyed it. I would have liked more depth and background in the world, but it’s novella length so there’s not a lot of room for extras. I’m looking forward to reading her Dragonborne, which is much more my style.

Up next are two books by Jaleigh Johnson: Unbroken Chain, which just came out this month, and Mistshore. Both are standalone Forgotten Realms novels. I find it hard to believe that I’ve never read a Forgotten Realms book, but there are so many that I never knew where to start when staring at the overwhelming shelves.

I’m saving those two for after I finish the epic fantasy I’m currently reading. They will be only the 4th and 5th paper books I’ve read this year (and the first three were borrowed). The epic fantasy is my 8th ebook for the year. Huh.

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