For a while I was going to at least one convention a year, every year (mostly Wiscon). But then, I guess I got bored, after the “so this is what a con is like” wore off. [1] Last year I didn’t go to any – I kept thinking about it and not getting around to signing up.

So this time I’ve decided to plan way ahead. Aside from Gen Con in Indianapolis this August, which I’m told has a great writing track, I’m registered for Worldcon in 2012 (Chicago, so I have no excuse to not go) and World Fantasy in 2012 (Toronto, which hopefully will mean a nice visit with family as well). And now I don’t have to think about those for a long time. See you there?

[1] Plus, the whole introvert thing makes “spend a weekend with dozens/hundreds/etc of strangers” not exactly appealing. Yes, there are friends there too, and interesting people to meet, but there’s also a lot of standing around watching other people have conversations. Yay. I’ve always had a good time, it’s just tough to motivate myself to go.


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  1. Yay for plans. I have no excuse to not go either – I live a half hour outside Chicago. šŸ™‚

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