Swim, bike (ugh), run

I’m going to do the Tri the Illini triathlon on Oct 2. The only reason I haven’t signed up yet is because I need to time myself on the swim so I can tell them where to put me in the starting order. (For some reason, they don’t want a bunch of collisions in the pool.)

300 m swim – short, but the pool is only so big
14.5 mi bike ride – ugh
3.1 mi run – ok

The bike will be the tough part. I’ve been biking farther than that most Saturdays with the bike club, but at a slower pace than I want to be racing at. If it ever stops raining so we can ride to work again, I can use those to work on speed a little bit. Racing stoplights, for example. Or going out of my way a bit so I can hit the street with fewer lights.

I’m following, sort of, the 16 week sprint distance plan from Beginner Triathletes. Sort of because I’m sticking with my usual swimming and running schedule, which calls for more time than that plan does until mid-August, and my long bike ride with the club is longer than what’s on the plan, and my short bike ride is replaced by whatever commuting I do. But other than that I’m following the plan.

And also taking tennis classes. Fitting all this into any given week required extensive plotting out with a spreadsheet. 


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