Books: White Cat and The Black Prism

Do you belong to book clubs at Goodreads?

I joined the Fantasy Book Club ages ago and have never participated. I decided to change that, and also joined the SciFi and Fantasy Book Club. These fit my schedule much better than the group at the library.

While I was sick last weekend I read the August reads for both of these clubs.

* White Cat, Holly Black (SFF book club)

A fun read that looks at the underside of society with Mafia-style curse workers. 

The people who can alter memories are creepy, and the magic in this world has a real cost. It’s a high enough cost that I wouldn’t want to be a memory worker or a death worker. You risk losing yourself, either by forgetting too much or by actually dying. Not good.

* The Black Prism, Brent Weeks (F book club)

Another well-designed magic system.  It’s complicated without requiring too much explanation, and it looks like the later books will be examining it more.

These books are both the beginnings of series, and this one leaves some mysteries to be resolved later (I’m trying to figure out if spoiler can be spoiler’s spoiler given that spoiler). 

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