The Crimson Pact & The Princess Curse

Looking for something to read?

I’ve got two suggestions for you, both books that just came out this week–an awesome middle-grade fantasy or an anthology of 28 devious demon-hunting stories.

First up, The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell. I’m excited to see this come out because Mer’s a friend, plus I critiqued it a while back and it’s neat to see the final version, but mainly because it’s a great book and I’ve been wanting to make people read it and now I can. *engages psychic powers*

From the description on Amazon:

Twelve princesses suffer from a puzzling (if silly) curse, and anyone who ends it will win a reward. Reveka, a sharp-witted and irreverent apprentice herbalist, wants that reward. But her investigations lead to deeper mysteries and a daunting choice—will she break the curse at the peril of her own soul?

You can read the first several chapters at the publisher’s site.

Next, The Crimson Pact vol. 2 includes my first published story, “The Demon’s Tomb,” in which a history teacher who moonlights as a demon hunter corners his target in a Cleveland cemetery.

Plus a bunch of other stories about the Crimson Pact–a group who vowed to destroy the demons of the Rusted Vale…but the demons had their own secret plan and escaped, invading dozens of worlds. The stories in the anthology follow members of the Pact as they track the demons across all those worlds.

It’s available in the usual ebook formats from Amazon,, and B&N.

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