New York

Congrats to Anne and John! It was a lovely wedding, and a great time with family.

Random notes

* Dylan’s Candy Bar is big, but most of the candy is stuff you could find elsewhere. Still, fun to look at it all and imagine being seven and let loose in there.

* The Brooklyn Bridge is long.

* If you want to visit Ellis Island, get tickets online in advance.

* Occupy Wall Street is a lot smaller than it looks on tv (but obviously much bigger than this photo).

* The Central Park Zoo is nicely done, but I felt bad for the polar bear doing endless laps.

* This sign is in the zoo, which is in the park, which has trees. But still…

* Brooklyn seems to have more trees than Manhattan. Manhattan sticks them all in little islands (or big islands, in the case of Central Park). It’s quite possible that there are parts of Manhattan for which this isn’t true, but it’s something that’s struck me every time I’ve been there. (And I gather the mayor has a plan to add more trees, which there is some dissent about because it’s possibly not the most well-thought-out plan.)

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