This is a test

Hello, Facebook. I hope.

I’m trying yet another method of sending blog posts to Facebook. Let’s see if it works.

I’ve been playing with If this, then that. It’s a nifty service that does what its name says–you set up the this’s and that’s.

For example, If a new post appears on my blog’s rss feed, Then tweet a link to it. Or If a new blog post appears, Then post a link on Facebook…

It will connect to a bunch of different services, and will even send you email or text messages. For the most part it does a bunch of things that I don’t need.

But. One useful thing I’m doing with this is to turn my Instapaper account into an automatically updating sf magazine. I’ve put a few rss feeds from online magazines into IFFT, and told it to send them to Instapaper. Now I can open Instapaper and magically find new stories (or articles from a few select blogs) to read. Nice.

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