Popovers, tandoori, artichokes…not all at once

We’ve made a few new things recently.

J made cardamom popovers, filled (after baking) with marscapone and some spices. The popovers would have been great by themselves. The marscapone was almost too heavy for them.

Last weekend, I made tandoori chicken. Not a great accomplishment (it’s just marinated and grilled), but it’s the first time I’ve ever grilled anything, so that was kind of fun. And the grill still works.

I was tempted to eat the marinade with a spoon. It’d be a great dip: yogurt, fresh ginger and garlic, various spices. The raita (yogurt, cucumber, mint) alongside was also good. Need to make that again to use more mint.

This weekend we had steamed artichokes. My parents used to make them, but I never have. (This is what happens when J makes me do the grocery shopping. We get different kinds of produce.) Nothing fancy there; I’m not sure why I haven’t considered buying them before.

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