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I used to read a book or two a week, when I was in college, and felt like I didn’t have enough time to read. Then came more school, and jobs, and a house, and putting more time into writing, and now I’m lucky to finish a book or two a month. Even counting a bunch of short stories every week, that isn’t nearly enough to keep up with everything I want to read.

I’d have more time if I stopped reading the newspaper during dinner, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. Blogs have replaced the reading I used to squeeze into the little bits of time while I’m waiting somewhere, though I’ve been slowly cutting back on my rss subscriptions and keeping the books on my iPod up to date.

Most of my reading happens before bed. I’m not very good at walking away from the computer at a reasonable hour, but I try to spend at least 15 minutes–30 would be better–reading a book before I go to sleep. I fall asleep faster when I unwind first, and it helps me get my reading in. If it’s a really good book, I stay up late on the weekend to finish it in one big chunk. If it’s a…not good book, I fall asleep extra fast, and then pick a new book the next night.

When do you read?


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  1. Castiron

    Lunches out by myself; I’m the person who has the fork or sandwich in one hand and the Nook or iPod (or occasionally pbook, but that’s rare when I’m outside the house) in the other.

    Occasionally I’ll read for a bit in the evening, though it’s likely to make me fall asleep unless it’s a really gripping book.

    • Elizabeth

      I hear you on the evening problem. It can be hard for me to find the right book–not too dull or I’ll fall asleep on the couch, not too exciting or I’ll stay up too late.

      I don’t think I ever read much at lunch. It makes sense for the same reasons writing at lunch does.

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