Thanksgiving week dining

You’ll never guess what we had for dinner on Thursday.

Since then, the turkey has turned into turkey divan, turkey potpie, and turkey sweet potato hash. (And there’s still straight turkey left.)

The first two turned out a little runny, but still tasty. And we own bowls and spoons, so that worked out fine. I’ve never made turkey divan before, and didn’t find a recipe that quite matched what I remembered, so I merged a bunch of recipes together: white sauce with sour cream mixed in, broccoli and frozen peas, topped with a little shredded cheese and served over rice.

The hash, my breakfast experiment, was good. Diced turkey, diced leftover baked sweet potato, onion, chopped orange pepper just because I had some, chopped fennel and chives ditto. Made a nice side for a fried egg and meant that yesterday I had turkey for all three meals.

In non-turkey tastiness, last weekend I made pumpkin lentil soup. It was very good–though I probably should have grated the ginger as called for since the immersion blender left some chunks–but works better with an extra protein at the meal. Like cheese and crackers. (Everything works better with cheese and crackers, though.)

J made awesome cranberry sauce from the newspaper (thank you, Associated Press). It included dried apricots and cherries, orange zest and juice, port, and balsamic vinegar. Amazingly good.

And finally, I made a cheesecake for the first time ever: pumpkin hazelnut cheesecake. The hazelnut is all in the crust and for once I didn’t mind the existence of the crust. The crust would probably be really good on its own cut into cookies. Someone seems to have given the recipe a one-star rating because she couldn’t find hazelnut flour: I just ground up hazelnuts in the food processor. Man is a tool using animal.

This week: More leftovers, and then turkey soup!

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