Recent reads: Ironskin and mystery stories

I met Tina Connolly this summer at a novel workshop and was excited to hear about her debut novel, Ironskin, which came out this fall. It’s a reimagining of Jane Eyre, with fey that feel very alien and an ending that kept me up way too late. The world is an interesting place, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

I might read Jane Eyre one of these years, too.

I’ve been reading mystery short stories recently. After reading several in Ellery Queen and an anthology from Sisters in Crime, plus listening to some podcasts from Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock’s, I have a question:

Is it really so uncommon for the story to involve a protagonist who is *not* the criminal or the victim? Is that old-fashioned? Every single story I read was from the point of view of either the criminal or the victim. Except for one where the reader was supposed to think the protagonist was the murderer. (The tipoff there was that the protagonist suspected himself too, so obviously wasn’t it.)

They’ve been mostly good stories, but not quite what I was looking for.

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