Fresh salad in December

Yes, it’s a garden update in December. Hey, if I’m eating fresh tomatoes from my garden, I can post about it.

They aren’t vine-ripened. I picked them in late October and they’ve been ripening at the rate of 1-2 a week. Since they are tiny cherry and grape tomatoes, all I’ve been doing with them is tossing into my lunch salads.

Speaking of salads, arugula! It did better last year, but it’s still growing happily. Next year instead of mixed greens I should just plant arugula in the fall, because the others never sprouted.

Also still growing (and going in my salads): chard. I hope it does this well again next year. Note to self: You planted it in early April. Do that again.

The problem with greens, though, is they cook down so much that I only pick 2-3 servings most weeks. Hm…if our whole yard was chard we wouldn’t have to mow…

I also have a volunteer dill. The original dill (which were all volunteers from last year) died a while ago, but this little one still seems happy, despite a few light frosts.

That’s all that’s still growing. I pulled all of the fennel on 11/25 and cooked the stalks with some chicken. Dumped compost all over the garden, narrowly missing the arugula. Once the last of the greens are done I can add the rest of the compost and start a new pile in its place. My old pile’s pretty full.

And of course I’m already making plans for next year.

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