Let the garden reports begin

I planted my garden! We had fantastic weather this weekend, perfect for playing in dirt, so I went to the garden store and got seeds and potting soil.

Unfortunately the entire city had the same idea, and I hate crowds, so I didn’t spend any time browsing for random plants. Hm, maybe that’s a good thing.

I now have a vegetable bed and a collection of pots full of chard, lettuce, radishes, and beets. I’m interested to see if the radishes and beets in the potting soil actually form roots. I kept three pots for tomatoes and peppers. (And I’ll probably buy another pot or two so I can try eggplant again.)

Sometime this year I plan to turn the spot where the pots are into a second vegetable bed, put slightly taller wood frames around both beds to help with weeds, fence them with space between for a path, and put in a gate. That should look much nicer than what I have now. I’ll still need the wire rabbit fencing, but if it’s attached to a more attractive fence and I’m not pushing against it all the time, it shouldn’t detract too much. This is in my front yard, and my neighbors would probably appreciate some effort.

All I have in the backyard now is the rhubarb, which has just starting poking leaves up. I’m tempted to rake out the leaves and plant my leftover seeds from last year just in case they decide to grow, but there are probably better uses for that time (like installing a fence…).

I also finally repotted some of my house plants. The parent plant suffered a drought (a common occurrence in my living room) and died from the roots up, so I cut off the surviving stems and have been rooting them in glasses of water. For a really long time, because I didn’t have any potting soil. They did pretty well in the glasses, but they look nicer in pots.

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