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Hm. One of the problems with writing blog posts in my head while swimming is they feel “done” and I want to move on to the next one. Anyway.

I’m doing a 10k race on Saturday. Same one as last spring. Last year, I lost about a month of training to a foot pain. This year it was about two and a half months. Despite that, my 4-mile run yesterday was at a pace that would have me finishing the race in about the same time as last year. I just have to not slow down for those last 2.2 miles…

Since I finally have a smartphone with GPS, I downloaded Runkeeper and tried it out. It’s pretty nifty to see the map of where I ran. It even noticed when I was on a parallel path for part of my second loop. Hopefully it’s more accurate than my old pedometer-based app. I like the voice notifications (I set them up for every half mile) too, though they take up a lot of time.

I also like the training programs, though I wish they had one for general fitness. Everything is for specific races. Oh, and there’s one for fat loss, and I’m refusing to use it on general principles. After Saturday’s race, I’m going to start a 5k training program and start working on speed again. We’ll see how mad the app gets at me when I only run twice a week instead of four times.

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