Writing News (bug edition)

1. My story “Kalar’s Wall”–full of magic and giant beetles–is out in issue 8 of Plasma Frequency in print and various ebook formats.

I bet Kalar wouldn’t like our huge Midwestern crickets any more than I do.

2. I got an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future contest on a story featuring giant space-faring crustaceans. Still a rejection, but it’s nice to know someone other than me found at least some good in the story. And now I can send it out to other markets.

3. In arthropod-free news, I’m now a slush reader for Flash Fiction Online. For the non-writers among you, that means I get to read the stories people submit and help decide whether to accept them. I did this at another magazine a while ago and am excited to get back to it, especially at a market that I enjoy reading.

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  1. That’s awesome. Congrats!! These updates by you are making me feel bad that I haven’t really done any photographing for myself in a long while…just been mired in photo shoots for other people and then stressing over delivering them at a decent time while working full time at my day job. You are reminding me that I need to refocus on doing things for myself.

    And…space faring crustaceans? Sounds different 🙂 Hope you get that published too!!

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