Writing Roundup

I was doing a great job posting regularly before my January hacking incident. When I cut back on blogging, one of the things that I dropped was my monthly lists of things I’d posted on the blog of All Rights Reserved, my mostly local writing group.

So, here is an approximately quarterly roundup. This is not everything, just the things I still think are worth pointing out.


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  1. Of you can quit, then quit argument seems…ridiculous. I’m glad that argument doesn’t come up in photography…or if it does I have never heard it before. There are plenty of other ridiculous “advice” floating around everywhere with troll baiting titles like “how to shoot like a pro”. Oh please. But yeah…not an argument like “if you can quite then you should” thing.

  2. Elizabeth

    I heard it first in a story about a violin teacher, so I bet it’s passed around in photography too. \

    • Really? Then I and almost 99.9999% of kids would quit the violin after about a month of lessons and you still sound like you are slowly torturing a cat… Blah. If it’s passed around in photography then thankfully I haven’t heard it. Though I’ve heard lots of similar statements. I think many “pros” forget that they started from knowing nothing too and everyone goes through a maturing process for any skill. Oh well…if what they are saying is with good intention, then that statement needs to be revised a bit I think…

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