New Year’s Goals. Or Not.

When I wrote up my blog schedule, I thought today I’d blog about my non-writing-related goals for the New Year. Except I don’t have any.

The thing about setting annual goals is that I change them frequently throughout the year. Either my schedule changes–the drawing class I’m signed up for this spring means I won’t be doing something else that day, but once it’s over I get that time back–or my interests change–more/less tennis, less sewing, more drawing, less/more piano, whatever. I don’t really want to force September Elizabeth to run three times a week if she’s decided she wants to swim, or to draw every day if she decided she doesn’t like it. I trust my future self to make her own decisions.

I do have a bunch of writing goals, which I’ll cover tomorrow, but even those are on a list that I plan to revise throughout the year.

So, while right now, I would like to learn to draw, play more tennis, and learn to play Air on the G String on the piano, by June I might have come up with some other plan.

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