Dunno what progressives are supposed to be. They’re a dance move. The coach kept saying “they’re not like crossovers”, which was not so helpful, since what she was doing didn’t make me think “crossover” at all.
We learned the Dutch Waltz. That’s the most basic ice dance: just progressives and swing rolls. Swing rolls I get. It’s just a stroke onto an outside edge with a swing of the leg.

After we went through the dance a few times, and I realized there’s a prescribed number of steps, not just “when you get to the end of the rink, turn”, I started paying attention to the music. Not that I could do the progressives in tempo, since I am not so clear on what they are.

After the lesson I did a bunch of very very bad spins. Eventually gave up and worked on three turns – hadn’t tried back ones in a while, but I can still do them – and backspins, which didn’t, and waltz jumps. Amused myself by seeing how many waltz jumps I could do in a row (as in, jump, land on left leg, turn and push onto right leg, jump, repeat), which turned out to be 4.

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