No middle

We did a bunch of different stuff in skating club tonight: spirals (straight line, outside, inside) (ok-ish), double 3s (forward then backward on the same foot) (ok), waltz jumps (ok), loop jumps (ha ha), swing rolls (fwd and back) (ok-ish), scratch spins (ha), and footwork (ha ha ha).

The footwork was:
FI3, back crossover
double 3 (BI3, FO3)
mohawk, mohawk, cross
mohawk, mohawk, cross (other way)
…and then maybe a turn fwd and another double 3?

I had to do it in mirror image of the instructor because I can only do BI 3s in one direction right now. But they got much better as I worked on them tonight.

It was pretty much a “why Elizabeth can’t keep up with the advanced class” night. And the less-advanced (we finally got the coaches to stop saying “beginner”) class was doing pretty basic stuff. I really wish there was a middle group. Or that the less-advanced members of the advanced group, and the more-advanced members of the less-advanced group, would have been there. I like a challenge, but it’s tough to always be far behind what everyone else can do: they’ve all done this stuff before, and I’m just learning it. Once I felt like I was figuring out how to do something, we’d switch to something else.

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