Dvorak Update

Found a nice tutorial and am starting to learn letters that are off the home row.

Also found this site, which calculates wpm and errors made. I can do the first lesson (eight letters aoeuhtns) at about 45 wpm with 5-9 errors. I did the qwerty version (asdfjkl;) at 46 wpm with 6 errors… (Hey, the qwerty version is a lot harder, ok? And I'd been typing in Dvorak for at least 20 minutes before hand…)

Random online sites tend to put my qwerty typing speed at around 70-80 wpm with a horrendous amount of errors. One problem I have with those tests is that it's so ingrained in my hands to hit backspace and fix typos as I make them (because I make lots of them), and the tests don't like it if you do that. But I learned to type in 7th grade and it's not like I've officially practiced since then.

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