Wildflowers – April 22

Only a month late, here are the photos I took on a wildflower hike in Highbanks Metropark in late April.

The fun part about posting these so long after I took them was re-identifying all the plants, although I remembered them all except for the toothwort.

Dutchman's breeches Dutchman’s breeches
So-named because they look like a pair of trousers.
Trout lily - yellow Trout lily – yellow
It was tricky to get the camera close to the plant while not casting a shadow or stepping on other plants…

The rest of the photos (10 total) are in the Highbanks Apr 22 2007 gallery.

I’ve applied (it’s a much more involved process here than in Toledo) to monitor rare plants in the park system again, and I’m looking forward to that. This time I can take photos. With luck (and practice) I’ll get better at them.

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