Links: Book Deals and GMaps Pedometer


  • My Book Deal Ruined My Life in The New York Observer:

    And even before the potential post-publication humiliation, there’s deadline pressure; crippling self-doubt; diets of Entenmann’s pastries and black coffee; self-made cubicles structured with piles of books, papers and unpaid bills; night-owl tendencies; failed relationships; unanswered phone calls; weight gain; poverty; and, of course, exhaustion.

    So forget the American dream! Getting a book deal seems more like a nightmare.

    Or maybe people should have more reasonable expectations. Still, an amusing article. And what’s wrong with night-owl tendencies?

  • Google Maps pedometer – Very cool: Map out a route and it tells you how long it is. It’s 1.86 miles to the bike trail from my apartment, which is just a bit too far. It would only be 1.5 miles on the more-direct route, but there’s no sidewalk and no shoulder. I’m surprised the difference in length is so small, actually.

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