Links roundup: QueryTest, JAKonrath's giant ebook, tiny 24-room apartment, and more

Since I’m collecting writing links for my local group, I thought I’d share them here as well.

May 5’s meeting is on pitching a novel, so let’s start with…


New query testing site (post your query, see how many up/down votes you get, and comment on other queries – it’s kinda fun to vote on the queries): (and the FAQ)

From, Building your pitch

Nathan Bransford on query length: Query stats by word count

J.C. Hutchins on pitching: How’s your pitch?

Pitching and selling your novel


J. A. Konrath has collected his blog posts into a free 1000+ page ebook, The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. (You can also donate, or buy a Kindle version.)

Little word changes to strengthen sentences (some of these, like “could”, are on my standard search list for final drafts): Don’t tell me why

Is flash fiction too long for you? Here’s a list of Twitter fiction markets.

How to write in 700 easy lessons: The case against writing manuals (He’s not talking about all how to write books. Just the bad ones.)

Good question: Why start a website or blog if you have nothing to promote?

Not about writing:

Printable paper (such as graph paper, music paper, etc.), via Jen:

Stephen Hawking on time travel (start designing those time machines now!): How to build a time machine

Self-tracking (I track words and writing time, but found this article a bit disturbing. Is it just me?): The data-driven life

Tiny reconfigurable apartment: Tiny apartment transforms into 24 rooms

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