Links roundup: Promotion, ebooks, and more

Tomorrow’s C-U Writers Group meeting is about promotion, so that’s what starts off this set of links:

Writing Excuses podcast: Basic marketing, branding, and websites (3 separate episodes)

YA author Saundra Mitchell on Marketing Timelines (thanks to Kelly Swails for the links): Part 1 and Part 2

Things to do with your galleys

Creating covers

Other stuff: is a mythology site, mentioned on a CoyoteCon panel (sadly, the only panel I was able to attend). Coverage varies, but I’m finding it a useful starting point for figuring out what to look up elsewhere.

Not tired of debating ebooks yet? Here are posts by A.R. Williams and Naomi Clark.

Number of people in a conversation

Time management (I suppose someday I’ll feel like I have enough of a handle on this that I’ll stop reading about it…)

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