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Last week’s theme in reading was the death of journalism: How to Save the News and Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable. (I thought I got those links from Steve, but now I can’t find the original post, so who knows. Thanks, wherever they came from.) I still like newspapers, and we subscribe to our local daily. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with the industry as the print model continues to fail and they transform from newspapers into newssomethings. The transition is not a lot of fun for the people involved….

Today’s reading was about agent pay, which has been discussed a lot, including by Victoria Strauss, Jane Friedman, and Jodi Meadows (with bonus “how to help agents”). Jodi said pretty much what I think on the matter: if agents switched to billable hours, it wouldn’t help them in the long run, and would increase the opportunities for scammers. (She says a lot more than that; go read her post.)

Side note: I already have enough (too much) to read, but I’ve been enjoying finding things from and (which lists popular items that people have saved). It’s nice to read longer articles; jumping from blog post to blog post makes me feel scattered.

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