Garden recordkeeping

Last weekend I pulled all the onions and snow peas out of the back and planted more snow peas, plus green beans, zucchini, chard, and bok choy. The latter four also got planted in the front, since I wanted to use up all the seeds and they’ll probably appreciate having sunlight. Last year, the zucchini and green beans did not like the back yard, and the chard and bok choy died (or got eaten) soon after sprouting. Better luck this year.

The chard I planted a few weeks ago mostly didn’t sprout, and the patch that did doesn’t look very good. Hang in there, chard!

The three heirloom tomato plants are growing slowly; the one from Lowe’s is turning into a green-tomato-filled jungle. I’ve started picking jalapenos and will grab the first habanero soon; the jalapenos aren’t hot yet and the habanero probably won’t be either. The Thai pepper and the orange bell have flowers; the green bell also has a pepper or two.

We’ve also picked up a couple green apples (obvs. very small, given the comparison with the jalapenos):

Either they’re unusually tasty crabapples, or they’re some kind of non-crab apples (though still sour, see “green”). Either way, I’m not sure why the squirrels haven’t eaten them all like they did last year. Must be too busy digging up my chard seeds.

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