It’s pasta and cheese month around here

In my last food post, I reported trouble with pudding. I’m happy to say that further attempts have been successful, and we enjoyed very tasty chocolate pudding this weekend.


The freezer has cleared out enough for me to put the ice cream machine bowl in. I anticipate something good next weekend.


Macaroni and cheese with squash in it (“Creamy, light mac and cheese”)

Pretty good–a bit bland, possibly partly because I subbed low quality parmesan for the romano, and not quite creamy, possibly because the squash to cheese ratio was too high, but I do like squash in my mac and cheese. Even if I’m not trying to hide veggies from kids. Next time I would buy romano.

I’ve got a recipe in a vegetarian Mexican cookbook that I like better–it uses cheddar cheese, and has chiles in adobo.


Quick Pastitsio

This was good. I subbed ricotta for the cream cheese, since we had a tub of frozen ricotta on hand. It ended up quite soupy–I know I doubled the flour when I doubled everything else–but was still quite tasty.

Also a bit on the bland side, but see ricotta vs cream cheese. And it’s not like I don’t read the recipes beforehand and see the lack of spices they call for, so I shouldn’t complain.


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  1. It’s good to experiment. One of these days you’ll create a new sensation. 🙂

    Mmmm on the ice cream bowl – we’ve been experimenting too. I’ve been wanting to blog about the my strawberry dessert….

  2. Elizabeth

    I love strawberries, so I hope you will post about it!

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