Books read, dark and determined edition

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins – I finally read this–staying up until 2 am to finish it one night. It was exactly what I expected from everything I’ve heard about it. I haven’t actually decided whether to read the other two in the series, though. I’m sure they’re good, and quick reads, so maybe I should. Are they as gripping as the first one?

Prince of Thorns, Mark Lawrence – Another determined young protagonist, this one bent on revenge rather than survival. His voice reminded me of A Clockwork Orange, but Jorg has possibly good reasons, or at least an explanation, for (some of) what he does.

Despite appearances, this is not a pseudomedieval fantasy, Jorg’s attack on Castle Red being the prime example there. And happily, there’s more going on politically than there seems at first (which helps explain why a gang of violent bandits is following a 13-year-old).

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