Mmmmm, Cookies

Last weekend I made three kinds for Thanksgiving.

Cream cheese walnut cookies – basically a shortbread with guess what in it. These are my favorites. The recipe makes an excessive amount, so I’m going to freeze some and take some to work. Usually I freeze some of thee dough for baking later, but for some reason this time I didn’t. It didn’t look like that much dough until I started putting them away in a Tupperware, and then I realized the cookies were going to take over the kitchen. Maybe they bred while they were cooling.

Chocolate gingerbread – new this year. These have ground ginger, fresh ginger, cocoa, and chunks of chocolate. They’re nice and chewy. I did manage to burn a partially filled sheet, and those got pretty crunchy. I am not a crunchy cookie person, I’m a squishy cookie person (maybe if I didn’t eat so many cookies…)

Citrus cornbread – These were pretty good, but I made the wrong ones! I made the ones from Martha Stewart’s Cookies (which the other two recipes are from) instead of the Joy of Cooking. The MS ones are a shortbread, and the JC ones…aren’t. They also have a whole lot more cornmeal; the MS cookies have a barely noticeable amount. Oh well, lesson learned. They were still tasty.

What are your favorite holiday cookies?

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