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I’ve done several 5k races in the past two years, and while my time hasn’t improved by a whole lot, it seems like time to try for more. So I signed up for the 10k at the Illinois marathon on April 28. It’s a big enough race that even at my slowest, I shouldn’t be crossing the finish line way behind the second-to-last person. (Ok, I should be well ahead of the last person. But I am slow.)

I signed up way early so I would commit to training for it. I’ve slowly added a third running day to my weekly schedule and found a 10k training program. Once I’ve got that new third day up to a respectable distance I’ll be at the starting week for the training program.

Of course, it’s now getting dark and icy…which tends to make me run less in winter. I’m going to try running at lunch instead of before or after work so I can see the icy spots. Not today, since it’s not supposed to be damp overnight (by the time this posts I’ll know how that worked out, but I’m writing this Sunday night). Maybe Wednesday. We’ve got a shower at work, though I’m sort of suspicious of it. Time will be a bigger question. Anyone want to place bets on how my winter running plans go?

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