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I love to listen to music when I run. In fact, driving and running are pretty much the only times I listen to music. Most other times, I’m reading or writing, and don’t want the distraction. When I’m running, my brain turns songs into stories.

While there are a lot of songs I listen to over and over again, hearing the same few dozen three times a week does get tiresome. So I decided to try out Spotify, since the premium version lets me download music to my iPod. And unlike buying albums, I can change them any time I want.

My current running playlist is only about 40 songs–I’ve been adding new things, but taking away the songs I own that I’ve gotten sick of. I hope to get it up to something that makes it less likely that I’ll hear the same song two runs in a row. (I think there’s a 3,333 song limit. That should do it.)

I’ve been adding things from NPR’s workout playlist. But currently, the artist with the most tunes on my playlist is…a tie between Eileen Ivers and the cast of Glee. I do like variety.

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