Yesterday I got the first round of seeds in. Lettuce, radishes, spinach, chard, shallots (sets not seeds), beets. All in the back garden, where the rhubarb has made an appearance. There’s still space for future rounds of lettuce and radishes.

I’ll deal with the front later this week, or next. Fennel, mesclun (with the lowest percentage of arugula I could find, for J), more lettuce, different radishes.

Also, filled up my caladium pot, though the ones I saved over the winter didn’t look too good. Might have to head back to the store for fresh plants.

Still to acquire: tomatoes (I’ve reserved five from someone at work who started seeds), an eggplant (because I refuse to give up), rosemary, and at least one more big pot. And potting soil. Oh, and annual flowers to go between my perennials. Though some more shade perennials would be nice too, so I plan to add some coral bells.

The hostas I divided/transplanted last year seem to have survived. They looked like zombie fingers when they first poked out of the dirt. Kind of creepy.

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