CSSF Novel Workshop

I’m going to Kansas this summer!

That probably only sounds exciting if you know that I applied to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel Writers Workshop at the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, at the University of Kansas. I guess either the beginning of the novel I submitted looked promising, or like it needs a lot of work.

This is a two-week workshop for unfinished novels–they say it works best if you have less than half the book done. I have three and a third chapters… And I only have that because I had to send pages with the application. I still need to finish the outline. Workshopping an unfinished book intrigued me, because I’d like to get to a point where I do more of the work up front and cut down on my revision time/number of drafts (more on that next week). And the timing was perfect since I was planning on starting a new novel this month anyway.

So, in the next month or two, I need to finish my outline/synopsis type thing, write some more chapters, and revise the beginning (because I’ve already decided to delete a character).

And then I get to spend two whole weeks talking about writing with other writers! I couldn’t pick a more exciting summer vacation.


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  1. Congrats!! Sounds like you’re going to have an absolute blast!!

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