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I didn’t put cages around these when I planted them. I kept thinking “next weekend”. Now they’re on the big side to be adding cages…this will be interesting.

Three of them are flowering already. All four of these are ones I got from someone at work who started seeds. I have a Japanese Black Trifle, Lemon Drop, Super Snow White, and something red (Austin’s red pear, I think). I hope they do well and the squirrels don’t eat them.



Mint…and a lot of weeds (I was going to do a bunch of gardening this weekend, and then realized next weekend is a 4-day weekend and would be a much better time).

The shorter mint on the left is lemon mint. The tall stuff in the middle and spreading to the right is apple mint (in front of the tall green thing (pokeweed)). The lime mint is barely visible in front of the apple mint to the right.

You can just see a few purple chive flowers on the right. I wanted to see which would win, the chives or the mint. Clearly it’s the apple mint.

Behind the apple mint are leaves from the day lilies.

What you see very few of are other weeds in the mint patch. Success! I still want to add spearmint and/or peppermint to this area as well.

Front garden

Front garden

So the first thing you notice is more of the weeds I have put off until this weekend…

In the front right we have more chives in a pot. Behind the chives, on the right, that’s mesclun, wilting in today’s 89-degree heat. I am going to have watered everything by the time you read this. To the left of the mesclun, chard, doing better than any chard I have planted before.

The two tall green feathery things are the self-seeded fennel; you can’t see the fennel I planted very well in this photo.

The really tall green thing is a purple coneflower. Behind it is…a yellow flower. Both are native plants that I got last summer. Neither bloomed last year, but the coneflower is budding now. The yellow flower still only has about four leaves, but last year it only grew two, so that’s an improvement.

Back garden

Back garden

Front left is my rhubarb, which still doesn’t seem big enough to eat.

In the back, the row goes radishes, lettuce, more radishes. On the right, from back to front is more lettuce and more radishes, with shallots along the edge.

In the middle is a clump of spinach.

The chard in this garden didn’t come up, and very few of the beets came up, which is why there are big bare patches.

To the right, out of view, are the potatoes. Apparently I missed a few when I dug them up last fall.

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