No Triathlon

Last year I did a sprint triathlon for the second time (first time in more than a decade). It was fun (really). I’m not doing it this year.


Because I don’t have time. I’ve dropped my running and swimming to twice a week, which isn’t enough for me to get faster. More importantly, I’ve only been biking for transportation, rather than going on a long ride on the weekend. Also, planning and recording workouts was adding more tasks to my to-do list, and I don’t need that.

I could still do the race. But I already proved to myself that I can finish one. Finishing slower than last year wouldn’t make me happy.

Besides, this fall is gearing up to be busy enough that I don’t want to sacrifice half a weekend.

I’ll keep running, swimming, and biking (a little) (and playing tennis). But at least for this year I’m not worrying about improving my speed.

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