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I’m doing National Novel Writing Month this year. (I.e., writing 50,000 words in November.) I’ve done it twice, both more than five years ago, and it was pretty easy both times–but I’ve never done anything with those books. That was part of what made me turn to outlining instead of writing without a plan.

So why do it again? Well, now that I’m outline-fueled I’m curious to see if it’ll still be easy, and if I’ll still end up with a huge mess at the end of the month, or if having more of a plan will help me get a nice coherent first draft more quickly than the last few.

There’s just one minor hitch: I’m behind on the book I need to finish before I start the November book. I wasn’t expecting to completely redo the outline and throw out 6-7 chapters, or do write a couple short stories that I’ve done recently, or that those would take extra time…. In short, Scrivener’s nifty project target feature tells me that I need to write nearly 2000 words a day until the end of October to get that book done before I start the next. (While outlining the November book, and being in a very busy period at work.) That’s what I’ll be aiming for in November, too.

Sounds like fun.

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