It felt great to swim Monday and do strength training yesterday. I spent all weekend sitting: 10 hours in the car and more hours in various chairs at a writing retreat. Got a lot of work done, but my body isn’t made to sit still.

It did give my foot a nice rest. I haven’t been running or to tennis for a few weeks, waiting for whatever it is to go away. It’s almost gone, but I won’t really know if my foot’s better until I start using it again. Walking first, and if that’s ok, tennis. Then running. Conveniently I already have my annual physical scheduled for a few weeks from now, and should know by then whether my foot will fix itself. (My guess: no.)

I have a feeling I’m going to miss the 10k I’m signed up for in late April, but I’d just like to be outside again. Swimming’s nice but not very scenic. It’s light in the morning–though that will change next week, stupid time change–and I want to enjoy it.

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