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Carl Hiaasen, Basket Case (Abridged, and read by the author) – Listened to this on the drive down. *Hilarious*. I’d heard of Hiaasen years ago and never read any of his books. He’s a columnist for the Miami Herald and his books are set in South Florida.

This one attracted me because the protagonist writes obituaries. The newspaper politics in the book were hilarious.

Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (movie) – I enjoyed it. Zaphod is even more annoying on screen, however. I last reread the book so long ago that I don’t remember it well enough to complain about the differences. The only one that bothered me was that Marvin looked totally wrong from how I imagined him.

Kill Bill, vol. 1 – All I’d ever heard about it was that it had awesome fight scenes. I’m not a fan of fight scenes, so I didn’t bother to see it. My boyfriend taped it and made me watch it, and I was hooked pretty quickly. What it is, despite huge plot holes, is an awsome *story*, very well told. I thought the out-of-order sequence of “chapters” was a good way of making the story more interesting.

Must have sucked to see it in the theater, because it doesn’t have an ending. When it was over we went straight to Blockbuster and rented…

Kill Bill, vol. 2 – Which was also good, but I think having less of a mystery made it less interesting. Also, I was really pissed off at the resolution because
I’m supposed to believe that killer assassins who say “fuck” when the over-the-counter pregnancy test turns up positive will suddenly turn all “Oh no I can’t be an assassin any more because it’d be bad for my baaaayyyyybeeeeeee that I didn’t want anyway and could just abort or send out for adoption.” Well, fuck that. I rinse my brain of the last part of that movie. It never happened.


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