Puccoon, Thimbleweed, and the USDA Plants Database

Today we visited the Girdham Dunes, hunting for puccoon and thimbleweed. I think the links I have go to the correct varieties of each:

Plains Puccoon, or Lithospermum caroliniense (Walt. ex J.F. Gmel.) MacM.

Prairie Thimbleweed, or Anemone cylindrica

In googling, I discovered the very useful National PLANTS Database. (Ohio plants at http://plants.usda.gov:8080/plants//ThreatenedServlet?statelist=states&qryon=sciname&stateSelect=39)

Non-plant sightings:
A tree frog. A very patient tree frog: the two people with me used their camera phones.
A bluebird on the road while I was driving away. I didn’t get a good look at all, but I don’t think we have any other birds here that are that blue.
An Eastern Towhee eating the blackberries on the dunes.

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