Skating club. Got kicked out of the beginner class and into the advanced class, which luckily was not jumping today. Afterwards the coach that bumped me up asked how it went and told me to stay there; I told her my story about how I used to be in the advanced group and then stopped skating for a year, and needed to get my feet back under me again. I don’t think she believed me when I said I can’t keep up with them when they’re jumping, though. (Not only are some of them really good, but also I tend to nearly collide with other people because they all spin in the other direction from what I do.)

We worked on turns. Right forward inside turns only, which meant skating on one foot for half an hour, which got kinda painful.

Three turns I can do, though not perfectly. Brackets I learned once before, and luckily the one we were doing meant turning clockwise (which is easier for me), so that came back pretty quickly. Rockers and counters? I think I broke my brain.

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