Weekly Summaries Feb. 18


•Links to various free SF sites

Shameless self-promotion:

•How to format a manuscript for an online critique group.

Writing Summary:

Goals for the week:
Finish unstickynoting ch 11-15 – maybe half?
Go over the notebook notes for ch 4-10
Go over crits for ch 1-3 – half done, but haven’t started any edits yet.
Do some reviews (have at least 2 to return) – Did 1.

That list appears deceptively short, looking back on it. Spent a lot of time on two notes: “Does this do enough to show why Jessa cares?” and “Does it make the reader care?” Both required planting things all the way back to ch 2. With luck the answer to both is now Yes.

This week:
Finish unstickynoting ch 11-15
Finish ch 1-3
Type ch 4-10
Notebook notes for ch 11-15

The notes for 11-15 aren’t so bad; I’ve already dealt with most of them. (Maybe I can get a head start on ch 17, which has a two page essay on “something’s wrong and i don’t know what”….)

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