Sticking with a genre

So I wrote this book. It’s an urban fantasy. Most of what I like to write and read is secondary-world fantasy (I’m not going to split hairs between epic, heroic, and sword and sorcery). I had fun writing it–got to use a lot of stuff from my time at the newspaper–but.

I keep thinking that if I sold it, the publisher would want more urban fantasy. And it’s not what I want to be writing, though I do have several other ideas to explore in that genre.

So I think I might chalk it up as a fun first draft and not bother revising it.

(Of course, this decision might be influenced by the fact that I’ve been revising a novel for a while and have a new novel that I really really really want to start writing because it will be awesome. It even has a title! Usually my stuff doesn’t have a title until I submit it.)

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