Sometime last summer, within a two-week period, I heard or read three different people suggest reading a poem a day.

Since I like poetry, this is not exactly a challenge. It was more a reminder that I like poetry and should read it more often. I have a bunch of anthologies and collections that I rarely crack open. For the past few months, I’ve mostly relied on Every Day Poets, whose rss feed magically dumps a poem into my google reader every morning.

Two recent highlights:

And speaking of rss magically making content appear somewhere, I’ve told If this, then that to take rss entries from various online fiction magazines and send them to Instapaper, making my Instapaper account an automatically updating SFF magazine.

Which I can then neglect to make the time to read. But I did enjoy Seanan McGuire’s “Crystal Halloway and the Forgotten Passage” in Fantasy in December.


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  1. I am so glad you are enjoying EDP’s daily poem. Many thanks for your support.


  2. I second what Oonah said! We’re delighted to feed your poetry habit.

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