Tennis League Wrap Up

Last week was the final session of tennis league. I came in first! Oh wait, they don’t actually rank us by number of games played, but by percentage of those games that we won (this is the intro league, we don’t play full matches). I actually came in last again. Luckily I play for fun, not to win.

It’s interesting to watch people’s attitudes. Some players get really mad when they make mistakes. I can get a little annoyed with myself, but not to the point of throwing my racket. To be honest I find it a little insulting when people get that mad at themselves for losing a point to me. Like I’m so terrible that they think they should win every point.

The person who won was fun to play. I was worried he’d be one of those guys who just hammer every stroke so all I can do is cower in fear of being hit, with the ball going so fast that by the time I know where it’s going, it’s already gone. But this guy was good not because he hit the ball hard because he rarely mistakes. He could get to every one of my shots, and then send the ball back to any part of my court that he wanted. Because he didn’t have a ridiculous amount of power, I had a chance. I never won a game against him, but I did win a few points.

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