Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

I’m afraid I have no candy for you. Please don’t egg my website. Instead, here are my posts from the All Rights Reserved blog for the past few weeks:

* Writing fast – I’m a little obsessed with this topic.

* House of cards – Writing out of order feels fragile.

* Family – Happy 5 years and a few weeks anniversary, J.

* A Tale of Two Stories – It’s not the idea, it’s the execution.

As always, go check out what the other members of ARR have to say!

Other links of interest:

* Tina Connolly’s Ironskin is out now – I’m a third of the way through and loving it

* Merrie Haskell’s Handbook for Dragon Slayers will be out next summer – I’m looking forward to reading it in book form

* What if you’re not a born writer?

* Literature & Latte is offering discounts on Scrivener for Nanowrimo winners (and everyone else, too)

* NaNoWriMo – The Pitfalls and How to Deftly Avoid Them

Also, I would just like to say that Penguin and Random House chose the wrong name for their merger. I would love a random house penguin.

I mean sure, I could contact an expensive breeder for an Emperor penguin or an Adelaide penguin, but going to a shelter and picking out whatever species just happens to have been rescued recently, and bringing it home to cuddle in my lap and splash in the bathtub and sleep at my feet, dreaming of krill–adopting a shelter pet would give me such a warm fuzzy feeling.

Or a warm feathery feeling, I suppose.

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