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In 2012, I ran my first 10k race. I’d planned to do a triathlon again, but changed my mind in mid-year when I decided it was taking too much time and effort just to schedule the workouts. I also missed the 5k I’d wanted to run in the fall because it was the weekend of World Fantasy. And I never got out of last place in the tennis league.

Still, I kept up my running, swimming, and tennis. I dropped biking for tennis. I also added strength training, though I’ve been slipping on that the past couple months.

For 2013 I’ve got pretty much the same plans as 2012. I’ll be playing less tennis, at least until I decide whether I’m going to stick with sewing class or not. I’m aiming to run 3 days a week (weather permitting) until the 10k at the end of April, and then probably drop down to 2 days again. I’ll swim and do strength training twice a week each, and go to the tennis workouts once a week.

Food wise, I want to eat less red meat and find some good main dish bean recipes, which should be fun.

I’m already signed up for the 10k (hoping to finish faster than last year’s poky 1:19:16), and will consider the triathlon and a fall 5k later in the year. I like having something on the schedule to aim for.

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